Mill City Mother Temple Project

or many decades, now the Twin Cities area has been a mecca for Pagan activity and groups of all kinds, worshipping together. One Minneapolis native wishes to create a persistent space for all who honor the Goddess and to honor her children, humanity in all its forms past and present for the future.

Some potential features of the Temple

  • Public museum of American Paganism
  • Indoor/Outdoor worship areas
  • Children's learning center
  • Activist memorials
  • Library of Important Pagan Works
  • Living spaces for acetic clergy and Pagans in crisis
  • Meeting and art areas
  • Green space and community garden
  • Areas for service, kitchens

Why Minneapolis? Why Now?

The Twin Cities Metropolitan area holds one of the most vibrant American Pagan communities in our country. While larger ones exist elsewhere, few have been so forward-looking and particularly American. Trailblazing in various manners and traditions, Minnesota was the birthplace of American Druidism and Llewellyn Books, two touchstones of fundamentally American Pagan life.

A Long Road

No money. No local connections. Ten years away from home. It's going to be a long, hard road to seeing this through-but perhaps, that can be all things to overcome with time and effort enough.